Evoke alignment to catalyze potential.

You are multifaceted, a network of inner and outer experiences. Your awareness is multidimensional, each layer provides insight and access to different forms of information. 

Imagine a flock of birds all working together to move in the same direction. Alignment is a process of bringing together the different facets within you or your team to accomplish your desired outcome. 

Through alignment we can access more of our inner resources and inherent knowing. With increased awareness we can engage a broader perspective, respond to the unknown and transmute tension into sources of insight and catalysts for change.


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About Catalyst

Elsa moves between the roles of facilitator, coach and educator. She is committed to working with individuals and teams to actualize their potential.

Drawing on her background in process-oriented and depth psychology, love for living systems and network thinking, Elsa partners with clients to align with purpose, deepen self-understanding to increase clarity, connect with others and create structures that foster collaboration and discovery.

Elsa’s passion and experience lie in utilizing her love for invoking immersive learning, to deepen insight and hone human capacities. With this awareness comes agency for how we engage in our relationships and respond to the unknown.

Elsa works internationally as a facilitator and trainer. She is faculty at the Metavision Institute and a facilitator at Converge for Impact. She also has her own practice where she partners with clients to deepen insight and hone their capacities.


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