Work with me to come into alignment and catalyze your potential. 

You are multifaceted, a network of inner and outer relationships and experiences. When the different facets of you are in alignment, more is possible than you could imagine. When they are out of sync, you may feel lost, disjointed, or unable to see the larger picture. 

I support inward and outward alignment. When we are in alignment we can connect with our core knowing and engage a broader perspective. This allows us to respond to a variety of experiences with ease. In alignment we can access a sense of wellbeing amidst the unpredictable. On this journey “problems” become vehicles for development, personally and professionally. Together we transmute challenges and tension into potential and momentum that deepens capacity.

3 stages 

My approach is based on the following 3 stages.

  1. Getting to the Core

To begin with, we get to the core energetic qualities within you. Whether you are an individual or a group, a set of core energetic qualities can be defined as organizing principles and perceptions that give rise to behavior and subconscious beliefs. These qualities are a blueprint and fractal-like, they show potential tendencies and repeat in patterns which shape our perception and experience. Getting to the core supports alignment, as we become aware of these patterns we can choose how we engage. This allows us to cultivate change as well as evoke and actualize greater possibilities.  

  1. Creating Flow 

Through understanding core energetic qualities, we then look at where things are flowing and where they are stuck. Flow is when the individual or group is able to access and employ their full spectrum of capacity. This leads to a sense of ease, wellbeing, and impactful action. With awareness of blocks, we can work through stuck places and create conditions to support flow. Blocks often contain insight and energy that is stuck in freeing this energy we can salvage and redirect it toward flow.

Another facet of flow is the interplay between perspectives, and levels such as culture and context. Together we map this interplay and explore patterns of behavior to highlight the growth that is wanting to happen. Growth can be seen through what is emerging, new ideas and actions, and the barriers: beliefs, culture and structures, that are protecting or inhibiting this growth. We surface these patterns to make the underlying dynamics explicit. This “beneath the surface” information contains resources for the current state,  future direction, and creates a map of shared meaning. Shared meaning also deepens trust, clarifies purpose and supports a collaborative space through which conflict is transformed. 

  1. Catalyzing Potential 

At this stage we catalyze potential into action. Engaging from a wider vantage point and drawing upon the spectrum of information, we strengthen the individual and groups strategy by incorporating the necessary insight and diversity of ideas to sustain momentum. The potential is embodied through reflection, action, and distillation which creates a feedback loop for ongoing growth and support.

From a Process-Oriented perspective:

Change and possibility arise at the margin between what is known and what is emerging.

Reality has multiple dimensions

  • A dimension that is concrete and measurable, encompassing facts and figures such as the time and date. 
  • A dimension that is subjective including, feelings, subtle body language and intended and unintended communication signals 
  • A dimension that can sensed yet difficult to name, encompassing such as subtle moods, coherence, energetic shifts and atmospheres.

There is a self-organizing capacity in individuals and systems. Order arises out of the interactions between the various parts leading to coordination of the whole. One example of this can be seen with a flock of birds, all turning suddenly in the same direction.  

For more about Process-Oriented Psychology please see:

Arnold Mindell and his colleagues developed process work in the 1970’s. Their research bridged psychology; communications theory, quantum physics and non-linear dynamics, creating a framework that can work with the full scope of human transformation. Mindell also drew inspiration from psychologist C.G. Jung, who saw the unconscious mind, disturbances, and obstacles, as resources for growth and creativity. From this perspective, problems and disturbances are often viewed as holding the seeds of resolution or clues pointing toward innate solutions.

Levels of Reality

Processwork focuses on the concurrent existence of three levels of reality:

Consensus Reality

The aspects of reality that people generally agree upon, such as facts and figures, time and measurements.


Emotions and subjective experiences that are felt and sensed but not necessarily seen or measurable.


The deepest and most subtle non-dualistic space that gives rise to all of our experience. The essence is the feeling atmosphere and background intelligence which holds and organizes all experiences.

Drawing information from each level and following the flow of experience through intended and unintended expressions of communication, Processwork strives to support what is trying to happen. When a challenge arises or information is stuck, accessing another level of reality can spark new insights, deepen awareness and create flow. Embracing each level of reality helps us to welcome all aspects of human experience, including experiences that are marginal, facilitating a deeper understanding of any system in its entirety and increasing our impact within that context.



Many thanks to my teachers and mentors who have supported me and shed light on the path.
Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, my Converge family, Arnold Mindell, Amy Mindell, Christina Nielsen, Julia Wolfson, Julie Diamond, Matthew Spence, Max and Ellen Schupbach, and Salome Schwartz,

To my friends and family who stand at my back. I love you.

To the elders, past present and future, who regardless of their age, embody a way of being that in itself is a teaching, and in doing so make the world a richer and more inclusive place.

Gratitude to the land across the globe which continually holds and inspires me, Whidbey Island, Washington, Portland, Oregon, Sydney, Australia, and Dolce Acqua, Italy.