Find Alignment - Actualize Your Potential

In each of us there’s an innate spark, a unique constellation of patterns and potentials waiting to be fully realized. Silent yet radiant, this spark resides at the core of who we are. As a backdrop and essence, it’s ever-present and informs all we do. The spark within us knows exactly what is right moment-by-moment, allowing us to stay close to our purpose amidst complexity and change.  When we align with this core, we gain clarity about all we’re capable of. It’s my passion to meet this spark in you, to support its radiance, and find the pattern through which it can shine into the world.

Work with me one-on-one and together we’ll:

  • Open to broader perspectives and ways of being so you can draw upon multiple levels of information to manage and execute with grace and precision in your life, work and relationships.
  • Tap into your intrinsic guiding principle and learn how to stay close to your core wisdom as you move through turbulence, navigate and make sense of life’s challenges
  • Strip back ideas of how you “should be”and get to the essence of doubts, critics and beliefs that hold you back. 
  • Create inner and outer structures that support sustained growth and find a natural, flowing rhythm for pursuing your vision.

Wholeness wants to come into being in all our lives.

We often think of ourselves as a static identity, yet we’re a highly-complex organism with many moving parts. The more we can be with this complexity, the greater the possibilities we have. When we live and move between all the parts, we feel better, like we’re in flow with life. 

Problems arise when we become overly identified with certain aspects of ourselves and don’t give voice and expression to others. We become hypnotized by our sense of identity, forgetting the reality that change is a constant happening each second in subtle and micro-ways. We create limiting structures in our inner and outer world, and this stops us from reaching our fullest potential. 

Left unchecked, this can have significant impacts on our health, wealth, wholeness and happiness, including relationship breakdowns, career stagnation, physical symptoms like chronic pain, eczema and headaches, and loops in our thinking, amongst many others.

Every tension in our lives is a call to awareness, an opportunity to become more of who we are. This is what we will work on together.

With time, attention, and support, the spark will begin to glow. If you are ready to push your perceived limits, to reorient and engage from a space that amplifies your capacity, we will transmute the blocks to inner resources that sustain you.


3 sessions: $300

4 sessions - Discover your Mythic Blueprint : $295.00

6 months @ twice a month = 12 sessions: $620.00


For established clients:

30 min deep dive/follow-up - $45.00 to work through a specific issue, thought partner, brainstorm and get unstuck.

*Metavision students and alumni, receive a discounted rate please contact me for more info here:

What format do sessions take?

Sessions run for an hour unless specified. They can happen in person or at a distance: We can meet on zoom or speak on the phone.

Examples of Results

Emma experienced pervasive self doubt. She would have flashes of clarity, ideas for projects, and insights about her relationship, yet these would dissipate almost immediately when doubt rushed in. As a creative director, she had difficulty speaking out in meetings and communicating with her team. She longed to engage more yet felt blocked. Through the work, Emma was able to gain awareness of the perceived structures and beliefs that had grown rampant in the garden of her psyche. With this awareness she grew her ability to follow her innate knowing and her capacity to draw upon her insight and actualize her potential personally and professionally. This resulted in a promotion more and more peers consulting her and the ability to live her dream, move across the US to a new state and begin the life she had been dreaming of for a decade.

Thom identified as being helpful. He has a natural capacity to respond and was an incredible people person. On his team, he would step in and work with clients before his colleagues could even see a need or catch an issue. The problem was this drive to help was burning him out. In the work, Thom was able to zoom out and gain awareness of other forms of responding. He was also able to shine a light on the subconscious beliefs behind his drive and reframe his approach. This has led to a more supportive rhythm and an opportunity for his colleagues to learn from his inherent leadership, resulting in more fruitful collaboration on the team. Thom is now feeling healthier in his body and experiencing greater ease in his relationship. 

Noah is a film director. When we started he was new to the role. He was respected for his skill, yet felt awkward picking up this role and working with his team. He told me he did not feel like the leaders he saw around him and as a result did not know how to lead or engage with his team. In the work we got to know Noah’s inherent way of being, this highlighted his natural way of engaging others and leading. Rather than forcing himself into the pre-made mold of the “extroverted direct leader” he assumed he should be, we discovered a collaborative creative form of working with others that flowed from him seamlessly.  Of course there were challenges, yet each was the kind Noah could lean into. In fact he was energized by each of them. Through each challenge he gained clarity, discovering more of who he was and growing his capacity to work through a variety of tensions, conflicts, and celebrations. The result was better sleep, increased confidence within himself and in the director role, alignment and engagement on his team and a successful completion and launch of his film.