Workshops and Training 

 Accelerated individual and collective learning

Custom workshops are accelerators for individual and collective learning; designed to meet the needs of your group in a way that can deepen whatever you’re engaging with, build capacity and traction as you move toward your goals. They may take the form of in-person workshops, training via zoom, team coaching, live calls, or just about anything we can imagine together. I train on a variety of topics, in response to the needs, growing areas, and wishes of the audience. Each training is a blend of experiential and theoretical learning.

Custom workshops are designed to meet participants where they are at, spark insight, and deepen understanding. They'll support participants to:

  • Build mindfulness, awareness and presence to increase agency and resource in each moment, allowing them to shift from a reactive to a responsive baseline for engagement.
  • Learn how to work with different mindsets to access flow states, heightened perception, ability to anticipate change and creative problem solving.  
  • Develop leadership skills, and learn a way of being that creates a greater impact on the people on your team and in your organization. 
  • Learn conflict management skills, including how to work through tension, build trust and collaborate more effectively. 
  • Gain skills for effective communication, facilitating across different perspectives, cultivate trust and collaboration towards a specific outcome.

My areas of expertise are:

  • Conflict Transformation
  • Intro to Processwork 
  • Using Unintended Communication Effectively
  • Leadership Skills for Changemakers 
  • Sustaining Momentum - Vision and Strategy
  • Intro to Process-oriented Facilitation
  • Life Myth: Your Mythic Blueprint
  • How to Have Difficult Conversations 
  • Meeting Tension as a Force for Growth 

Participants will be supported to meet challenges, navigate ambiguity, gain adaptive mindsets and gather frameworks that support them to excel. 

Training supports relational connection, problem solving, and sense-making. With practice, participants grow a comprehensive understanding and skills applicable across multiple contexts. Mapping gaps in understanding increases awareness of the dynamics and systems you are a part of. Workshops can draw upon: neuroscience, systems theory, depth psychology, systems mapping, organizational development, and other modalities as needed. 

Training is for you if:

  • You notice low engagement and an inability to fluidly complete tasks.
  • You sense gaps in understanding or general disconnect? 
  • You have a desire to learn, deepen capacity, and take initiatives further.
  • You want to bring a group together, increase alignment, and find a shared language and context.


Non-Profit & Educational 

  • $150.00 an hour
  • $1000.00 for a day


  • $250.00 an hour
  • $1,500 a day