What is Process-Oriented Coaching?

Process-Oriented Coaching supports individuals and groups to unfold and actualize their deep potential. By drawing out inherent diversity, strengthening existing structures, facilitating and deepening relationships, Process-Oriented Coaching ignites the generative spark that exists in each individual and system.

As a coach and facilitator, my job is to forward effectiveness by helping you activate and position your innate powers and creativity your within the contexts that exist within and around you. Awareness creates agency,  self knowledge, how you embody your role, and helps you understand the systems you are involved in, by creating choice and possibility for engagement, strategy and action.

Following Process

Process is the animating force that moves through all things. Manifesting in individuals, relationships and groups, it can be detected through signals: the momentary crystallization of experience tracked through our senses.  Emerging insights, mindsets with unique insight and innate solutions arise through exploring these signals.

Following the flow and underlying structure of what is arising holds the potential to  reveal emerging patterns, move beyond polarized dynamics and navigate complex systems.

New Patterns and Self-Organization

Every system holds the capacity to self-organize. Behind all seeming chaos lies patterns that, when identified, unfold into an innate intelligence which often points to inherent solutions and emerging directions. Discovering these patterns is extremely useful in stimulating new insights and honoring the totality of a group, relationship or individual. Change can be facilitated from the inside out as well as the outside in: inner conflicts and outer tensions are reflective of one another. From this perspective, working with internal and external realities is mutually beneficial as it engages ideas, experiences and existing structures, facilitating systemic and relational change. By working with all levels of a system, we can manifest generative change that evolves with the system’s increasing awareness of itself.