Workshops and Training



Catalyst supports clients to:

  • Discover new information, insights, and directions by noticing intended and unintended signals
  • Access and move between different perspectives with ease
  • Find flow amidst polarized or frozen dynamics in oneself, relationships, and groups
  • Discover innate solutions by accessing the emerging background intelligence of individuals, teams, and organizations
  • Navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and freedom
  • Work within complex systems by learning to follow emerging experience rather than following a linear agenda, enhancing capacity to roll with resistance and navigate unpredictable events
  • Develop awareness-based skills in your own subtle states of consciousness to open new perspectives and insight
  • Flow with challenges and find meaning in them rather than resisting, fighting and feeling as though the challenges are running you over


Dynamic and effective results are most often achieved through custom training programs, developed in a process-oriented format based on the needs and information gathered from the organization or team itself. Please inquire if custom training may be the right solution for you. We also offer a wide range of effective pre-developed training plans which serve many commonly seen situations:

  • De-escalation - Learning the signals and interventions to de-escalate heated interactions. 
  • Cultivating Inner Direction - Evoking personal vision and motivation.
  • Rank and Privilege - Rank describes the relative power in a relationship situation. This allocation of power influences our relationships and communication. To recognize and name these powers means to strengthen and challenge people.
  • Communication Signals and Flow of Conversation - We consider the question of what can be observed in an interaction, how this information can be interpreted, and how this knowledge can be utilized when you are leading conversations. 
  • Positioning Yourself Powerfully in your Professional Role- Clarifying your position for effective leadership and communication. 
  • Going Over our Edges: How to have difficult conversations.
  • Working on your Personal Experience: Developing Mindfulness and Your Inner Attitude.
  • Creativity and Collaboration
  • Leaders Empowered: A comprehensive international program, cultivating dynamic and successful leadership.


Non-Profit / Individual Session: $100.00 - $120.00/hour (sliding scale)

For Profit Organization Rate: $150.00/hour